2022 - The Year of the Tiger

The I Ching for 2022 in the Year of the Tiger, with Earth on Earth, is “SHOCK”.

The I Ching for 2022 in the Year of the Tiger, with Earth on Earth, is “SHOCK”.  

I would prefer the word “SHIFT” as it sounds a little less daunting, but who am I to argue with the I Ching.

In 2022 we can expect an explosive and unpredictable year where the Tiger leaps forward and makes things happen you wouldn’t otherwise expect. It is a doubly intense year as the “Flying Stars” come home to their original home placement, making the good energy very good, and the bad energy, very bad.  A bi-polar type of year you might say. One where we may be afraid we’re doomed and then discover we are going to be just fine! What a relief!

The two areas in particular to watch out for are in the area of health, more specifically female’s health, and secondly, the area of finances. I would warn that females who are experiencing pain or unusual symptoms have themselves checked out.  This is the year to pay special attention to your emotional and physical needs and not let things go undiagnosed. Sometimes as females we end up taking care of others before ourselves, but not this year. You come first this year!

We all come first when it comes to making those changes we’ve been wanting to make for a long time.  Now is the time to leap and make it happen.  Don’t hold back.  The Tiger leaps.  Think of this year as a new beginning. Things are about to move very quickly and you may feel restless with this energy.  However it is important to look before you leap which may at times require some patience, so use your intuition especially when it comes to speculative investments and gambling. Perhaps only invest what you aren’t afraid to lose. But you could also win big time. It’s one of those years!  Although be sure to put some money away for those unexpected expenses this year.  Sorry, you’ve been warned.

We already see indications of interest rates increasing, world wide inflation and currencies changing such as we see with cryptocurrencies as they find their ground and become the future. Just sayin’.

Extremes are also an issue with regard to the earth itself. You don’t have to have a crystal ball to know this. Even Athens, Greece has had problems with snow this year! And a volcano in the Pacific! Just sayin’.

It’s interesting to note that it is a “Water” Tiger year and the remedies to strengthen the home or business are primarily water remedies.

The water remedies this year are used especially to enhance our ability to break through so the Tiger energy can lead you into what was otherwise an unthinkable future. The water remedies this year are there also to ensure you don’t fight and get into unnecessary destructive disputes, rather best that the water element strengthen, so that diplomatic ways are found to get what we need so that it’s a win, win for everyone.

From my heart to yours wishing you a win, win year, and may you have good Feng Shui in 2022!