Blocks & Feng Shui

We all deal with blocks. Blocks are the things we don’t see about ourselves and what we don’t see in our environment. What I find interesting though is even when we do see the blocks in ourselves and in our environment, we are not always able to do anything about it. Why is that? Bad Feng Shui. In other words, bad energy.

The energy in the environment is working against, rather than for us.   And furthermore, you can’t change it by yourself. Yes, you can de-clutter, discard, organize, clean, re-arrange, re-decorate, but you can’t remedy the inherent weakness and make the house energetically strong without the knowledge of Classical Feng Shui. 

Strong for what, you may ask? Strong for good health, good relationships and good finances. Really!? So what am I saying? I’m saying that the Feng Shui of your environment is responsible for a 1/3 of your success. I repeat, an un-blocked environment is responsible for a 1/3 of your ability to be successful in your job, your relationships, and your health and well-being. That’s huge. The other 2/3’s are considered to be your inherited strengths and weaknesses, and your capacity for self-effort.  That’s what the masters of Feng Shui teach. 

If you want to get started learning one basic system of Feng Shui used in Traditional Feng Shui, I have offered under the courses tab, a free downloadable course that will introduce you to the East/West Directions School of Feng Shui.  

Wishing you good Feng Shui!