Feng Shui & Interior Design

Feng Shui and interior design are two different and distinct things. However, as a Feng Shui consultant, I can’t help but discuss the interior design of the home or office I am working on.

That is because I'm an artist and have a keen eye for aesthetics.  And with many years of experience in designing my own homes and those of others, I know what will work to enhance the space, and what will give it good Feng Shui. Today I even find myself doing a bit of mixing of styles, not staying wholeheartedly with one.  By that I mean, adding a hint of Country French in a modern kitchen, or simply adding one pine antique piece in a contemporary bedroom. The key is in finding the right balance. Feng Shui is about finding the right balance and creating harmony. However, where Feng Shui differs from interior design is in addressing theUNSEEN energies and thereby balancing and harmonizing the environment on a deeper level, utilizing the 5 elements, and colors suited for the rooms and suited for the people living in them. The ideal is for the Feng Shui and the interior design to blend seamlessly. 

On that note, I want to tell you about a course I am offering on my website to help you get started in learning what the UNSEEN energies are and how to locate them in your home.

The course is free and explains what I have talked about in the past, regarding the East/ West Directions School. It is the school of Feng Shui having to do with your personal directions, what they are, and what they mean. It also has to do with your house’s directions and what they mean energetically.

Because there is so much that is written about Feng Shui online and in books that can be easily overwhelming and confusing, I’m hoping that my website will offer you information that is easy to follow, introduce you to essential Feng Shui principles, and help improve your life so that it flows rather than stumbles along.

Wishing you good Feng Shui! Enjoy!