Feng Shui & Color For A Relaxing Home Interior

The guidance Feng Shui offers on how to use color to achieve a relaxing environment.

Good day friends of Feng Shui, 

I hope all is well and you are doing your best to remain relaxed and balanced during this time of the Delta variant. Today, I want to provide insight on how to use color to create a relaxing home interior.

Redfin asked me to share the guidance Feng Shui offers on how to use color to achieve a relaxing environment. This recent Redfin article includes my guidance in this area as well as additional in-depth information on how color can be used to create a relaxing interior: The Best Calming Paint Colors For A Relaxing Home Interior.

You will find my contribution pertaining to Feng Shui roughly midway through.

Feng Shui offers guidance on both the interior and exterior color of the house. The colors are based on the compass reading of the home. For example, if the house’s orientation is north, then the house should be painted in a blue hue with white or grey enhancing colors.  

Each one of us also has our own personal colors based on our birth year which are equally important. For example, a metal person’s colors are white, grey, gold and silver. Earth tones such as brown, orange and yellow support metal and can be used in combination to create a relaxing environment. The final decision one must consider are the five elements in the room which can be determined using the Flying Star System of Feng Shui.  

I would advise working with a professional Feng Shui consultant to provide guidance on the Flying Star System and to help determine your home’s orientation as where to stand when taking the compass reading is based on several factors. This is a complex process, but can have far reaching impacts on one’s life.

Wishing you good Feng Shui!