Transition & Transformation

Your Feng Shui is something you do as an ongoing process. It is a living and breathing thing that requires continuous focus, but at the very least, it needs to be updated annually once the initial installation of remedies, furniture placement and interior design modifications have been made.

The aim is to maintain an aesthetically inviting and energetically balanced environment, one that is harmonious and energized. Marie Kondo with her“Kon Mari Method” of decluttering and folding has got it right when she says,“does what you have spark joy?” That’s a good barometer. Feng Shui takes it a step further because not only do the material things you need to run your household or place of business need to spark joy, but energetically the actual space must too. The longer you are in an environment that doesn’t sparkle, the more likely you are to experience bouts of depression. Despite the challenges we all face globally, we can be made stronger to endure these times of transition and transformation by improving our immediate surroundings and not become susceptible to depression or feelings of being downhearted. 

There are specific directions you can place your furniture in to make you more at ease and more productive. This knowledge in itself will help. Also surrounding yourself with colors that support your well being can make an enormous difference. If you don’t know what colors are specific to you, or what your directions are, you can look them up under my courses tab on my website. The 5elements, fire, earth, metal, water and wood are used to address the influences of the unseen energies which are not obvious to the naked eye. Influences such as tensions in personal relationships, financial setbacks, feeling alienated from your social circle, being unusually on edge or argumentative, and of course health issues. The quickest and easiest way to change and enhance your well-being is to embark on assessing your surroundings. Again, by making the changes that spark joy, that make you feel good, will help you sail through tumultuous times with ease and optimism. If it means simply lighting incense in the morning to clear the space, or playing soft music and lighting candles in the evening to create a soothing serene environment, do it. Discover those things that create balance and harmony for you and good Feng Shui will follow. Your inner peace will be supported, which is the aim of Feng Shui. So change it up, enjoy the flow, as we all strive to do our best no matter what is going on around us. 

Wishing you good Feng Shui!